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Mobile App Pen Tests

All mobile apps are tested to ensure your business security, including iOS, Android and other platforms

Competitive Prices

Competitive Pricing

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a penetration test thanks to our competitive prices

Qualified Security Experts

Certified Experts

Our penetration testers are certified by globally recognized bodies such as CREST and OSCP

Free Vulnerability Scan

Free Vulnerability Scans

Protect your business all year round with 12 months of free vulnerability scans with selected pen tests

Expert mobile app pen testing

Mobile app pen testing is a thorough and methodical review of your mobile application’s cyber security. As a comprehensive security assessment, it helps you find and prioritize your mobile app’s security flaws. Today’s business world is mobile-first, which makes the security of your mobile apps of paramount importance to the success of your business. Target Defense’s seasoned penetration testers will hunt down security vulnerabilities in your mobile app and offer advice on how to fix them.

Benefits of mobile app penetration testing

Publishing a mobile app with security vulnerabilities is bad news for your organization’s reputation and finances. Mobile app pen testing helps you understand the security flaws present in your mobile application with minimal disruption to your business. It also helps you meet compliance with GDPR and data protection laws both foreign and in the US.

Target Defense’s penetration testing can analyze the security of any mobile technology. Our in-depth testing utilizes a powerful combination of automated tools and human ingenuity to scrutinize your security across every aspect of the technology stack. Afterwards, you get a comprehensive report that drills down into the details of each uncovered vulnerability, including remediation suggestions.

Uncover weak security strategies in your mobile app

Uncover weak security strategies in your mobile app

Expose and exploit mobile app security flaws

Expose and exploit mobile app security flaws

Test mobile apps on all platforms and OS

Test mobile apps on all platforms and OS

Fix the flaws and keep your mobile app secure

Fix the flaws and keep your mobile app secure

Free VA scans with selected pen tests

To help your organization stay protected against evolving threats, we give you 12 months vulnerability scanning for free with selected penetration tests.

Top 10 mobile app vulnerabilities

Target Defense’s penetration testers are experts in their field, with experience in a wide variety of mobile apps. Here are the top 10 vulnerabilities we find in our mobile app pen testing:

  • Mobile certificate pinning
  • SSL misconfiguration
  • App Transport Security (ATS) disabled
  • Extraneous mobile application permissions
  • Installation on rooted devices
  • Application permissions
  • Application debugging
  • Certificate pinning
  • Hard-coded keys or credentials
  • Input validation

Target Defense pen test methodology

Industry standard best practices are embedded into all Target Defense penetration tests

Scope definition & pre-engagement interactions

Based on your defined goals, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored testing strategy.

Intelligence gathering & threat modelling

In this reconnaissance stage, our experts use the latest groundbreaking techniques to gather as much security information as possible about the mobile apps in the scope.

Vulnerability analysis

This is the stage where our penetration testers use industry leading tools and sector knowledge to find out what is leaving your cloud assets open to attack.


Using a combination of pre-existing software and custom-made exploits, our cloud pen testers will attempt to infiltrate your remote infrastructure and cloud-based technologies without causing any real-world disruption to your business.


The team will determine the risks and pivot to other systems and networks if within the scope of the test. All compromised systems will be thoroughly cleaned of any scripts.


Our security team will produce a comprehensive report with their findings. Once received, we’ll invite you for a collaborative read through. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and request further information on key aspects of your test.

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